Things to Do Before You Sell

Contact me to discuss repairs and updates. Sometimes sellers spend money on items that will not guarantee a return on their investment, and neglect others that will. Many sellers choose to get a pre-sale home inspection so they will be able to make repairs before buyers become concerned and cancel a contract. This reduces the risk of unexpected expenses after the house is under contract. Get estimates from a reliable repairperson on items that need to be replaced soon, such as a roof or worn carpeting, for example, and contact me for advice on what to repair or replace now, and what information to share with buyers so that they will have a better sense of how much these repairs will affect their costs. I can also help you with advice on how to get your house “show ready”.  

Price it Right 

The biggest mistake to avoid when putting your house on the market is over pricing it. If you’re thinking about selling, contact me and I will provide you with a market analysis of your home’s value at no cost or obligation. I will also help you evaluate your home’s condition and features and how these factors should be weighed into your price. Some of the dangers of overpricing your home: 

  • You will lose the excitement that a new listing generates. Many buyers have seen what is currently on the market and are waiting for something new to be listed. Therefore, most activity will take place in the first 30 days of a listing, and your home will probably receive its highest and best offers during this time.  
  • You will lose the most qualified prospects. Buyers won’t be able to “make an offer” because they probably won’t see your property. They will view the properties that are priced within their purchase range only. 
  • Overpricing helps sell other, more competitively priced homes first. Your home may be used to demonstrate the value of other properties.  
  •  Your home may become “stale”. Prospects may wonder why it has been on the market so long or if something is wrong with the property, even after you lower the price.  
  • You may lose a strong negotiating position when your house is on the market a long time, both financially and mentally. Prospects will often not “rush” to make an offer on an overpriced property, and you may feel compelled to accept less when they finally do.  
  • If you do get an offer, the contract may fall through because of appraisal problems. The lender must justify the price.


I Aggressively Market Your Property  

I have an exclusive agreement for the Wichita area with a premier national internet marketing company, providing you with high-profile marketing exposure for your property.

90 percent of homebuyers begin their home search online, so it’s important that your listing is featured on multiple real estate websites. I will ensure that your home is on the local Multiple Listing Service, and constantly monitor the market to determine the best sites in which to feature your home. This exposure will bring your listed home to the attention of a large audience of today’s homebuyers.  

I will also market your home to the world through global exposure on Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. As the only local affiliate of LeadingRE, we have the resources to market your home to the highest audience of potential buyers. When you list your home with me, your home will receive exposure to buyers on six continents through 500+ member firms’ websites. Each year our network is collectively responsible for over one million transactions on a global basis. We know how to get the job done.  

Building relationships is the core of my business and your selling experience is very important to me.  Please contact me at 316.448.1026 or email me at to discuss listing your house today!

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